May 31, 2016

About Us

Meet the team behind the team behind the concept.

David & Naomi Williams
Founders & Project Managers

David & Naomi both spent a lot of their teenage years donating time & money to overseas charity work while advocating for increased government aide overseas.  A couple of decades later, they have come to realise that aide and welfare are not positive forces for long-term growth.  The realisation that struggling areas need prosperous industry and businesses to grow has been the driving force behind the creation of this website and concept.

David has a strong passion for internet marketing.  He also has over a decade of experience in project management, operations management and many aspects of the web.

Naomi has a love for the creative arts but spends the bulk of her time these days homeschooling and caring for their three children.

David & Naomi live in Ipswich, Queensland and are kept busy with a day job, raising a young family and working hard on this most worthy cause.

Shaun Carroll
Head Programmer

Shaun lives and breathes code.  He is the brains behind what you are looking at right now – the website.  Shaun lives in Ipswich, Queensland and enjoys all things medieval when he isn’t sitting behind a keyboard.


Jeremy Williams
Head of Marketing

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Early Education which he puts into practice by relief teaching while currently studying a Masters in Marketing.  He is greatly looking forward to working on promoting this cause which he strongly believes in.  Jeremy spends a good deal of the school holidays volunteering overseas in places like Nepal and India.  He has seen the potential first-hand that people in these struggling areas have to offer the world if only given the chance.

Jeremy lives in Townsville, North Queensland.


How does it work?

Every time you click through from our site and purchase an item, the site pays Spend To Lend a referral fee (exact rate is stated with each merchant listed). 100% of this referral fee is then loaned out to an entrepreneur or viable small business in the developing world through our account with KIVA. We then split the funds we receive back from loan repayments between making additional loans as well as paying for business costs (such as marketing and other overheads) to help raise more people above the poverty line and in turn foster economic prosperity in communities around the world that so desperately need it.

Meet the team!

What happens when a teacher, a web developer and an entrepreneur get together: A tool is created to help everyday people reduce world poverty. We, our team of 3, have traveled around Asia and Africa only to find that government and even charitable aid is not the answer. First-hand experience and academic studies tell us that economic empowerment through business and production is the key to permanently lifting people out of poverty. If business is the answer to their problems, then maybe it is to ours as well? Maybe we can come up with an idea which is so counter-intuitive that it empowers everyday citizens such as yourself to change the world at no expense to themselves. I said we can drastically reduce world poverty, but that part is up to you.

It’s our mission to empower the developing world to build their own future while making your online shopping experience easier. So please join us in our vision for a healthier, happier and more equitable world for all.  Please also feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or would like to know about partner opportunities.